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This diverse landscape lends itself perfectly to scenic helicopter flights. Taking off from the Lodge you will fly over the 50,000-acre Finniss River Station to Five Mile Beach and the mouth of the Finniss River. Hover over pockets of ancient rainforest, admire the palette in coastal cliffs, and circle a field of towering termite mounds. Spot large flocks of magpie geese and brolgas, swoop low over buffalo and see crocodiles warming themselves on the river banks. This is a photographer’s paradise!

Take a 20 minute heli flight from the Lodge to Litchfield National Park, and land at remote Sandy Creek above Tjaynera Falls. Experience the thrill as your pilot manoeuvres the heli onto a rocky platform right beside crystal clear waters. With no-one else around, this is the perfect spot for a refreshing swim and picnic lunch. This trip can be combined with a ground tour with Indigenous guide, Tess Atie, or a flight to Crab Claw Island Resort to join a fishing charter on Bynoe Harbour (National Parks require at least 7 days’ notice to grant a landing permit for Sandy Creek, so it is essential to pre-book. Booking even earlier will help guarantee availability).

We highly recommend pre-booking a full hour of heli flying time to add a whole new perspective to your Finniss River Lodge stay.

Helicopter landing for a swim and picnic at Sandy Creek, Litchfield National Park
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