Airboat Tours as Part of Your Finniss River Lodge Experience

Did you know that Finniss River Lodge offers airboat tours? Nestled deep in the heart of the Australian Outback, Finniss River Lodge offers unparalleled access to some of the most specular landscapes of the Top End by means of airboat experiences. The lodge caters to exclusive guests across various luxury suites and is adjacent to a vast coastal floodplain.

What better way to experience the Top End in Australia than our airboat tours near Darwin? The Top End is well known for its incredible coastal floodplains, hidden billabongs, and tidal rivers edged with vast expanses of dense mangroves.

Air Boat available at Finniss River Lodge Experience On Site

Amazing Private Airboat Tours of this Incredible Location

The Northern Territory landscape is wild in every sense of the word and a haven for fishing and adventure in the great outdoors. Finniss River Lodge enjoys a superb location to provide access not only to Australia’s best Barramundi fishing, but also private airboat tours.

Our airboat adventures are a spectacular recreational activity during which a flat-bottomed boat, known as an airboat, navigates through shallow or marshy waters. The airboat is powered through the water by a giant fan or propeller mounted at the back.

Guests staying three or more nights at Finniss River Lodge are afforded 50 minutes of a shared airboat experience along a spectacular stretch of the Finniss River floodplain. This creates opportunities to spot resident crocodiles, barramundi, turtles, feral pigs, mingling water birds and native water lilies in the shallows at a slower pace.

We Offer Exceptional Tailored Experiences

Your stay at Finniss River Lodge includes two guided, on-property outings daily, in the early morning and afternoon, to allow you time to enjoy the lodge and escape the heat in the middle of the day. We can take integrate your requests seamlessly into a range of exceptional tailored experiences that are guaranteed to kindle all of your senses:

Buggy Tours: Join your guide in one of our six-seater all-terrain vehicles (ATV) as you travel along bush tracks through the cattle property viewing the incredible diversity of flora and fauna that call Finniss River Station their home. The ATVs cause minimal disturbance to the wildlife and let you completely immerse yourself in your surroundings. Appreciate the wildlife, rich history, and pastoral practices as you explore the paper bark forests, floodplains, coastline, savannah woodlands and rainforests.

Walkabout Safaris: Tread a path among the five ecosystems with abundant opportunities to photograph and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Walking trails are tailored to suit all abilities, with tours conducted in the cool early morning or late afternoon. The lodge offers several short, leisurely walks under shaded canopies. For the more adventurous, half- or full-day treks through more remote and untouched areas of the property are also available.

Bush Survival Experience: Join our survival expert Andrew Ucles on his one-of-a-kind unscripted adventures. Learn to track wildlife, make fire from scratch, or source local bush tucker that will be transformed by the chefs for your evening meal. Be aware though, that you might even get your hands dirty! Your newly acquired bush survival skills will have you looking at your environment in a new light.

Cows and Canapés: A truly unique station experience, Cows and Canapés is a perfect way to end the day. Sip sundowners in an open-sided buggy or jump out and take a selfie with the curious Brahman cattle surrounding you. Spend time with the station owners and ringers, hear their stories, and learn about high quality Brahman beef production and life on a Top End pastoral lease. Taste the flavours of the Northern Territory as you indulge in the exquisite canapés on offer.

Station Experiences: For guests opting to further immerse themselves in all things station life, there are opportunities to partake in activities such as mustering, observing cattle being drafted for sale in the yards, checking water troughs, feeding poddy calves, working dog displays, delivering supplements, or checking fences. There are no set programmes here, which is what a signature experience is about. More than a business, this family truly loves what they do, which is reflected in the livestock. Station activities cannot be pre-booked or guaranteed and are subject to seasonality and availability.

Ever-Changing Landscape Makes Every Tour Unique

The Northern Territory is known for its distinctive wet and dry seasons. However, traditionally there can be six to 13 seasonal changes throughout the year, making for an ever-changing landscape and contributing to every tour’s uniqueness.

Our private airboat is fitted with safety rails, and hearing protection is provided. If you do not meet the three-night stay requirement but wish to have an on-site airboat experience, please enquire when booking your stay. Accurate individual weights must be provided when booking to meet the company’s operational safety requirements.

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